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Milestone cards for your 30s. Adulting is hard. 30 is the new 20. Life is a journey... share your ride! Milestone cards for grown-ups.

Milestones for your 30s

Milestones for Grown-Ups

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Each pack contains 20 unique milestone cards to celebrate and remember all the special moments people are more likely to experience during their 30s. They are intended to be used as photo props. The perfect gift for anyone between the ages of 30 and 39; though if you use the cards in your 20s, or 40s, or 80s that's okay too! Each person's journey is unique!!!

All the cards are printed in Australia and are in A6 format (postcard size). The cards include:

* I found my first grey hair * I have learned to (INSERT SKILL)  * I am hungover everything hurts & I am dying * I am volunteering for/at (INSERT COMPANY or PLACE)  * I hit my fitness goal !!!  * You know what ?!? I look fabulous * I paid off my student loan * I quit my job to travel * I ran a marathon * Today I was called Madam/Sir (CIRCLE ONE) by a teenager * I went skydiving * I am finally going to visit (INSERT PLACE) * I am going back to studying  * I have finally seen (INSERT ARTIST) in concert * My new tattoo * I am starting my own business * On the road with my best friend (ADD AN S IF MORE THAN ONE FRIEND) * Actually...I am doing quite well! * Today is the last day of my 30s *