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    What are Milestones for Grown-ups Cards?

      Milestones for Grown-ups Cards are just like baby cards (you know, when parents proudly share on Facebook that their little bundle of joy has pooped for the 1st time, with a picture of said poop?!?) but for grown-ups. No Poop! They are designed to help adults, or people trying to adult, celebrate milestones & special moments in their lives. Why stop celebrating when you are not a baby anymore? Adulting is hard & getting your first job or voting for the first time is as a big milestone as taking your first step. Attending your first musical festival or finally seeing in concert that artist you dreamed of marrying when you were a teenager is a moment as magical as a baby throwing up on their dad's head.

      Each pack contains 20 unique cards divided by decades: 20 milestones for the 20s & 20 milestones for the 30s. All the cards are in A 6 format (that's the size of a postcard).
      The cards are printed on King Kong hi-bulk paper, while the boxes are Barry Bleachboard paper. All printed offset with vegetable inks.

        How do you use Milestones for Grown-ups Cards?

          Milestones for Grown-ups Cards are photo props. Snap a picture of yourself holding one of the cards (ie: when you graduate, take a picture with the GRADUATION DAY card) print it & treasure it as a keepsake to look at when you are older & fondly remember a special moment in your journey; or share it with friends & family on social media. Use the #grownupmilestones or tag us. Refresh your browser to check how many people liked your picture. Don't get upset if it's not as many people as you hoped. We all know what it feels like! Cringe when your auntie makes some really weird comment. There is no specific order in which you should use the cards. Live your life as you want!

            Who are Milestones for Grown-ups Cards for?

              Humans! The cards have been created to encourage people of all ages, of all walks of life celebrate milestones & special moments. They make the perfect gift for anyone.They are gender neutral & have been designed to celebrate achievements & special moments most people will be able to relate to at one point of their lives.

                Can I use a Milestone card from the 20s pack if I am 31?

                  Of course! You can use all the cards whenever you want! The only cards 'age specific' in the packs are: "I am a quarter of a century old", "Today is the last day of my 20s" and "Today is the last day of my 30s". All the other cards can be used at any point in your life!

                    What if I am 43 or 57?


                        Will you have more cards?

                          Yes! We have many more cards coming soon! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

                            In what language are Milestones for Grown-ups cards?

                                        All the cards are in English. UK/Australia spelling. US English coming soon!

                              What currency are the cards displayed in?

                              All prices are displayed in Australian Dollars. To check how much that would be in your local currency click here.

                              Please use this as a *guideline only* as exchange rates are subject to change and your bank may charge extras.

                                What about the environment?

                                  We care about the environment. All our cards and packs are made of sustainable paper using vegetable inks. We also want to give back to Mother Earth & we will donate to causes & projects that help protect the environment. Please let us know if there is a cause you think we should be supporting!

                                    How much does shipping cost?

                                    Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the current delays and prices of international shipping we can only ship to AUSTRALIA. We are looking forward to re-opening international orders! We miss you!!!

                                    We are now offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

                                      How long does shipping take?

                                        All orders are processed and shipped from Sydney (Australia) within 24 working hours & will be delivered to you according to the below information. International orders placed on weekends will be sent the following week.

                                        Domestic - Within Australia

                                        Regular Mail (untracked): 2-5 days


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                                        These above time frames are stipulated by Australia Post. On the rare occasion, shipping duration may extend beyond these expected time frames. (For Italy and Greece please allow around 20 working days)

                                        You are responsible for paying any duties, import fees or taxes charged by your local customs; however, it is very unlikely that duties, import fees or local taxes will be charged. For further information about any additional fees which may be charged by your country, please contact your country's customs office.

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                                                I want to feature in your blog

                                                YES! Send us a picture of yourself holding one of our cards with a few paragraphs on why this moment is particularly special for you, or the story of when you took the picture and send it to: hello@milestonesforgrownups.com we will then get in touch with you!