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Why should babies have all the fun?!?

I kept seeing pics of babies on Facebook & Instagram & I thought: Ok, I get it! Kids are great! They look cute & do funny things! It's a magical, unforgettable moment when they sleep through the night for the first time or when they take their first step, but why do we stop celebrating milestones when we get older?!?

There are heaps of Milestones cards around for babies & toddlers, but what about when we grow up?!?

Adulting is hard! So many things we have to figure out like 'how long do you have to cook couscous for?' , 'Should I swipe left or right?', 'When is the next season of GOT starting?', 'Am I going to die because of my split-ends like Google symptom checker says?'.

Life deserves celebrating regardless of our age & our walk of life. Our journeys are all different & unique!We should all celebrate our grown-up friends & family members when they reach adult milestones or get to enjoy special moments. WE DESERVE IT!

Milestones for Grown-ups Cards have been designed to help adults, or people trying to be adults, celebrate milestones & special moments in their lives.

Each pack of Milestones for Grown-ups Cards contains 20 unique cards with milestones & special moments most people are likely to experience in their lives. The cards are meant to be used as photo props & are easily shared on social media with friends & family.

Celebrate your life!