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YES! I made this

Recently on IG we shared some AMAZING headpieces made for the Mardi Gras parade in Sydney by design students... inspired by Frida Kahlo and the Mexican Day of the Day, the headpieces and hats where completely handmade: feather flowers, skulls, skeletons and all !?! Don't they look absolutely FABULOUS?!?

We are so proud to be here to showcase their handiwork!!

Life is a journey...share your ride, share your creations!




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  • This looks like so much fun. Anytime to dress up and be festive is a blast!

    Jessica may
  • This is art, they really did a wonderful work. I like the second and last one.

  • Oh wow! These make me so amazed! I love the creativity and the efforts they have doing these. so so cute! I really love it. ♥

    Gladys Nava

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