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Yes! I cooked this

My mother taught me how to cook when I was 5. Me and my sisters would make pasta everyday for lunch for the family. My dad worked in the fields and for lunch he always wanted a dish of pasta to sustain him during the day. That's how it was back then... I am almost 90 now, my grand daughter asked me to show her how to make gnocchis as she wants to learn how to make them and show off to her friends...She is saying it is an achievement, something to be proud of...she is 26... when I was her age it was normal for all children to cook, now nobody knows how to do anything, it all comes from a box...

But I agree that at my age I am lucky to still be able to be cooking my own meals. 90 is a big, big number so maybe it is right to celebrate when I make pasta!

Nonna Cesira

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