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today is the last day of my 20s

When you ask your friend how she spent the last day of her 20s and she sends you this 🤣🤣

"work sucked, there was someone clipping their nails on the train (yeah really! 🤮), I just got home and I've spent the last hour watching my uncle's parrot (which I am pet-sitting) grinding against his blanket while he looks out from his cage to the other birds outside... I think he's horny and that's how he masturbates (?!?!)...🤯
And I have a 3000 words essay due in 2 days that I haven't even started yet... so yeah, life is going great 🤣 Bring on the 30s! And the vodka! ... actually... just the vodka, thank you ! 😭🤣"


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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