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Today is the last day of my 20s

Today is the last day of my 20s!! I spent the day at work and the evening with my amazing friends :) I wanted to spend the last few hours of my 20s surrounded by people I love and having fun! We went out for dinner at a very grown-up restaurant and had lots of very nice food. I am not that happy about turning 30 because I feel a bit sad about getting older and I thought that I would have done/achieved more by the time I was 30. However, thinking back about my last decade I have to admit I have done quite a lot! The highlights would be marrying my husband, changing careers and moving into the travel industry, buying our first house, getting my driver licence, buying my car, getting all my tattoos done, meeting many of my favourite actors (including Orlando Bloom😍😍) working at comic conventions and travelling!! I did a lot of travelling in my 20s... I went to Pompeii,  Norway, I saw my first reindeer (and also ate my first (and maybe last) reindeer😲), I went dog sledding, I saw the Northern Lights, I went to to Disneyland and Disney World for the first time and I visited Egypt and saw the pyramids and Tutankhamun's mummy! I don't know what to expect for my 30s... I will have a huge Masquerade party next week with all my family and friends and after that who knows?!? I have a few more trips planned already and I am really hoping I can retire by the time I am 35 😂😂 lol



  • “e continuiamo a remare, barche controcorrente, risospinti senza posa nel passato”

    il Parolaio
  • Ahhhhh che bello essere giovani !


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