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I'm going back to studying

My mum used to take a picture of our first day of school in our new school clothes, backpacks and smiles just before leaving home and from Facebook posts I can see mums today are still doing that. 30 years after first starting school I am going back to studying and today it's my first day so here's a picture of me leaving home for my first day😃

2 years ago, when I created Milestones for Grown-ups I was very careful in selecting the milestones that would make it into the packs. I created the I'AM GOING BACK TO STUDYING card assuming that going back to studying, either to do a master's, a PHD or for a career change would be a huge deal for someone in their 30s. But not in a million miles I would have thought it was gonna be me. And OMG if I was right! Going back to studying in your 30s is a huuuuge deal! The scariest thing was having to quit my full time job and leaving behind financial stability and a certain lifestyle, you know, things I got used to like not having to worry about being able to pay rent or buying expensive cheese once in a while... It wasn't a choice taken lightly, at a time when friends my age are buying houses, getting huge promotions and having children, going to art school is probably not the wisest thing to do. The thing is though, the job I had, and most of the jobs I did in the past were stable and reliable, but they were also boring and not really what I want to do every day of my life for the rest of my life. Yes, going back to studying and not having the stable lifestyle expected from someone in their 30s does suck and will probably be harder than I can expect, but realistically, I will not be able to retire for another 30 years or so, and that's a much longer time to be stuck doing something you don't like every day.

So here I am, with my backpack at the door, on my first day of school... wish me luck! 🤞



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