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If the characters of Game of Thrones had Milestones for Grown-ups cards

What would the characters of Westeros celebrate if they had Milestones cards?

We thought this is what they'd say... what do you think?!?

 Arya stark. Milestones for your 20s

First Time Travelling on My Own

I am going back to Westoros.
I have enjoyed my stay in Braavos, I took classes in acting, stick fight and face alteration, which I am sure will help me to cross off 'items' from my to do list; but often I was made to feel like a no one and I lost sight of things.

I am glad I came here so I could find myself, but it's time for me to go back to my homeland. It's a long and arduous journey but after all, #YOLO, or as they say in Braavos: Valar Morghulis.

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell.



Gendry. Rowing. fitness goal. milestones for your 20s and 30s


I hit my fitness goal.

A few years ago I was lost: I didn't really know who I was and why certain things were happening to me, I was literally been leeched off and I felt I was in a dangerous situation even though I couldn't understand why that would be. That's when Davos suggested I tried rowing. I grew up in the city so I was never big on outdoor activities, but I have to admit rowing really helped cleared my mind. I have been rowing for the past 3 seasons and I have never felt any better! I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling about to be burned out!

Gendry Waters



Brienne of Tarth. Fabulous. Fierce. Milestones for your 30s.


You know what?!? I look FABULOUS

My childhood and teenage years were not the easiest... as the only daughter and heir of the Lord of Tarth I was expected to dress and behave like a proper lady and eventually marry well and let my husband protect me. But that wasn't me! I preferred sword fighting & combat to knitting & lemon cakes, so I never fit it. Nor with the boys, who would ridicule me, nor with the girls who pitied me for my appearances.
But things have changed now. It's not been easy, but I have met people who respect me for the warrior I am. As a true knight I am keeping my oaths and I am at the service of a high born lady.
I don't care what people think about me anymore: I am fierce! I am fabulous! .

Brienne of Tarth




Grey worm. Unsullied. Milestones cards for your 30s. My first grey hair

I found my first grey hair.

My name is Grey Worm.... I made joke.

Grey Worm - Commander of the Unsullied.




Tyrion Lannister Hungover. I am hungover everything hurts and I am dying. Milestones for your 30s

 I am hungover everything hurts and I am dying.

I drink and I know things. That's what I do.
There is however one thing I do not know: where do whores go?
But only book readers would understand so never mind that!

I have got a new position as Hand of the Queen now and I am keen to make a good job and see her sit on her rightful throne and take revenge on all the people who have harassed and tortured me for years.

This I know.

Tyrion Lannister, Hand of The Queen.



You know nothing Jon Snow. Learn something new. Milestones for your 30s

 I have learned Something.

I knew nothing before, so that's an improvement !

Jon Snow, ex Lord Commander of the Night Watch. King in the North.




Cersei Lannister. Queen. Look at me now!! Milestones for your 20s

 They said I would never rule the Seven Kingdoms...well look at me know!

Growing up at Casterly Rock I dreamt of marrying the hansome Targaryen prince and being the queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

I ended up having to marry a fat drunkard, but after he passed I could not rule the kingdom because of the patriarchal laws of the realm.
They said a woman will never sit on Iron Throne, well, look at me now. I played the game and I won.

And to the 'younger, more beautiful queen that would cast me down' I can only say this: bring it on b*tch!

Cersei of the House Lannister, the First of Her name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms.




Daenerys Targaryen. Mother of Dragon. Finally going to visit Westeros. Milestones for your 20s

I am finally going to visit Westeros.

I am beyond excited to finally be going to the land where I was born and conquer the kingdom of my ancestors!!
As a single mother of three it's not always been easy: warriors and ships don't come in cheap, but finally I am on my way!

I will break that chain and sit on the Iron Throne.

Daenerys Stormnorn of the House Targaryen, the Unburnt, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother or Dragons.



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