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I quit my job to travel

I have always wanted to travel and discover the world! 7 years ago I travelled to Australia and lived in Sydney for 18 months! On my way back home I stopped in Thailand for 3 weeks then went back to France and started a new life! But deep inside me I could feel this call ( the one that every traveler knows about)! This call for more travel! More discoveries! More experiences!
I was an ambulance woman and was working in Haute Savoie (east of France close to Chamonix) for 4 years... I had a good situation even though the job was hard and too many hours, too much work.... I was starting to get bored! And I knew deep inside that I had to do something!! So one day I decided to listen to the call! I quit my job and took a visa for New Zealand!! Now here I am after 8 months in New Zealand, I am back in Sydney visiting my friends and I am off to Asia for a 3 months travel ( Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia)! I don't want to stop discovering new cultures! I don't want to get bored and stuck in a routine ever again! Travel is my life and I will embrace it 👍🙏



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