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I got a promotion

I went through hell in my last job. I had to work till midnight almost every day, all my work friends left and the boss was an asshole. I wanted to leave so badly, but I had to finish my masters degree so financially I just couldn't afford to. I was so stressed my health also declined. So I stayed, I finished my studies and eventually I was made redundant. I took a trip to Hawaii to reward myself and after I came back I started looking for a new job. I wanted something easy and stress free, I didn't care about the salary anymore, I just wanted to be happier, but then the most AMAZING thing happen! I found a great job AND I got a promotion! Life finally seems like it's kind of working out, well in one sad aspect anyways! Tonight I am shouting my friends to 'all you can eat pizza' (and yes that includes dessert pizza too!!! 🤩). Life sucks sometimes , but sometimes good things happen!


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