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I got a job!

I didn't think it would ever happen, but I actually got a job!!!!
Everyday for months, I'd check the websites and sometimes I applied for the jobs I thought I was qualified for and was even granted some interviews. My jobseeker priorities were simple: monitor university and science websites for vacancies. I registered with some science-focused recruitment agencies but any positions that came up were out of my area – subject-wise or geographically – and poorly paid. I have just finished a degree in biotechnologies and I really wanted to get a job in my field, but there aren't that many labs that are hiring in my country atm...

Finally, after four months, things picked up. I got two interviews in as many days, one with a company and one in a Clinical and Research Hospital. However it wasn't until last week, more than 2 months since I had applied, that I was granted a 2nd interview and then offered the job!!!!! I am going to do genetic research for a lab that is looking for a cure for lung cancer! Not only did I get a job, but it's also super interesting and exciting!!!

So all of you out there searching, just keep on going, and don't give up! It will happen.



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