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I did my own taxes

It's the end of the Financial Year and for the first time ever I am doing my own tax return.😱 I have recently moved out and though I am still doing my Master part-time, I also have a full time job, which means I have to do my taxes!!! I had never done it before as I wasn't making enough money, but this year I have to and I must confess I wasn't really looking forward to it! I thought it would be boring and complicated and guess what ?!? I was right lol!Β  It WAS boring and complicated!😧 I had to ask my dad for help as I literally had no idea about how I was supposed to answer some questions or what some things meant, but in the end I did it! And I should be getting some money back too!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒI have learned a lot, like, I thought you could claim your travel expenses, but you can't (which is unfair!!! I mean if I am catching the bus to get to work, isn't that a work related expense?!); on the other hand if you do sports with your work place you can claim your sports gear and sunscreen! (so cool!!!). Looking at my statement I was also shocked to see how much money I have already paid in taxes this year!!! But then my dad reminded me that our taxes are what fund our hospitals, schools, streets etc, so I guess that's good that I am doing my bit and contribute to it as I do use the streets and it would suck big time if I needed to go to hospital, but there wasn't one because there's no money for it!!! Then I remembered that big companies like Apple, Pepsi and Google pay less taxes than I do because of loopholes and tax avoidance tricks!!! How F*cked up is that?!?😑😑😑 I am still at Uni and struggling to pay all my bills at the end of the month: how can I be paying more taxes than Apple?!? I knew that before, but now that I am working full time and I know how hard I have to work to afford things, this is really pissing me off! I don't know maybe it's because I have done my taxes I feel really grown-up and shit, but I really think that's gotta change! Like seriously, that's ridiculously unfair!

BUT on a more positive note, I should get my tax return in a few weeks... not sure if I should treat myself to a nice night out with my gals πŸ’ƒπŸΈπŸ©, or if I should save it for a holiday!πŸ›«πŸ–πŸ›


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