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I booked my own medical appointment

That's correct! I have the flu... but I am getting better! The last weekend I worked at the cafe, I trained at the gym, I went running, had burgers and beer, went clubbing, had a bbq with friends, went skydiving (!!!) and finally I did some gardening... it was probably too much and my body didn't handle it too well... HOWEVER... however I am a grown-up now. I am studying at uni and being sick away from home and the care of parents really sucks! So I beat the tiredness and exhaustion, I googled medical practices around my area and I called a doctor! I DID IT! After 21 years of " Muuuuum, how do you do it?" , "Muuuuum, can you do this?" , " Muuuuum, I'm sick" , "Muuuum, help!" I have finally understood that I am not a baby anymore and some things I can and should be doing on my own from now on.



  • For Blaise

    Pamela Van Malsen
  • “La salute non è tutto, ma senza salute tutto è niente”

    il Parolaio
  • Certo che sei proprio matto ! Con tutte le cose che hai fatto in pochi giorni sei fortunato ad aver preso solo la febbre !

  • You are very crazy, Lorenzo ! I can’t believe that you went skydiving but you had never booked your own medical appointment before !

  • Hope you get better soon! I have to say you look more stoned than ill in the pictures lol :) :)


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