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I am volunteering for AVP (Alternative to Violence Project )

I started as a facilitator almost three years ago.
I did not know anything about AVP (Alternative to Violence Project).
The workshops we run are to improve communication skills and reduce resentment in the community and also to overcome trauma or anger. At first, I decided to become a facilitator because I wanted to improve my communication skills in my dealings with refugees (I am a lawyer), especially the ones suffering from trauma and any kind of torture.
But then I realised the workshops can be designed and beneficial to anyone in the community. Lots of participants come back and do the workshops more than once!
I love the fact that I meet lots of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.
That makes every workshop unique and gives me the opportunity to improve my interpersonal and social skills.
I have seen great changes in people attending our workshops and it feels amazing to be part of this change!
Seeing participants improve their lifes dramatically is very rewarding!

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