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I am starting my own business

I started my line about 2 and half years ago simply wanting to create a t-shirt line. Although I dreamt I would be doing bigger things, I never realized it would happen the way it has! I started out not knowing a thing about clothes, manufacturing,producing, fabric sampling, pattern making, etc., but I made a way. I know I still have a long way to come but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I wanted this clothing line to be more than t-shirts. I wanted it to be a creation from scratch. From my mind, to something tangible, with layers, like building a home. I pull from so many things that inspire me! From designers, to shapes, to fabrics, to music, to people and their aesthetic. I also wanted it to have meaning. I wanted it to be more than about the clothes. So I decided to donate a portion of my sales to a nonprofit organization in Uganda. The organization is an LGBTQ community center that focuses on bringing health screenings, std testing, community support and many other things that the region of Kampala so desperately needs. So I feel great in knowing that what I’m doing is paying itself forward. It’s more than a clothing line! It’s a movement! It’s a tool to help people wake up and make change.




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