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I am going back to studying

About ten years ago I began traveling the world and had spent a lot of my time visiting many countries and interesting places. I took a lot of adventurous risks. And met some amazing people. Traveling opened my eyes and showed me that life and this precious planet we share is a wonderful gift that we must see within our lifetimes.

As I continued from place to place, I begun to ask questions about life and the universe, the spiritual, the metaphysical, why are we here and where are we going. By 2014 I landed in New York City and had already developed several apps and websites which generated some income while on my travels. I also started working in the information technology field to enhance my knowledge and skill set. But I wanted to push the bar and learn more to find the answers of my philosophical questions. So I am starting studying a scientific degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The subjects I’m focusing on are Electromagnetism, Radiation and Gravity. And I want to find ways on how we can apply these to create innovative, state of the art technologies, that can advance humanity in a most positive way. Life is a journey.


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