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Actually... I am doing quite well

Having children has turned me upside down and inside out. My elegant languid youth was misspent and all but a distant memory now. My career in the garbage and my savings down the toilet. The cool crowd has dumped me and I spend most days shouting at little innocents and pushing dirt around in size 16 Kmart leggings. 
But that's ok with me! I like who I have become: a giver and a receiver of unending love. I am a giver of life, a great hero and, at least for now, I am always right. When I'm sad those little fat arms come to embrace me and I know now, I'll never be alone. So, if anyone's asking, YES, actually, I'm doing quite well... actually I am doing great, thanks.


  • “Io ho quello che ho donato”

    il Parolaio
  • Menomale che le donne hanno tutta questa amorevole pazienza !

  • Ah ah ah ah ! Such a funny and truthfully story !

  • Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! You have this mama :)


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